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From Bonn to the whole world: Bonn terminal

Responsible for operations, Am Zehnhoff-Söns has been operating this Rhine port since 2004. From 2008 to 2012, the area was expanded on all sides and modernised according to ecological aspects. The first phase of construction involved ramming high sheet piling over about 100 metres of bankside, reinforcing surfaces, and building a second container bridge. This bridge was commissioned as early as 2011. The second phase of construction concentrated on enlarging the container areas and converting the inclined bank into a high top bank. Today, the Port of Bonn can berth end to end three modern Rhine ships each 135 m long, and some sections even allow ship to ship handling. Investments totalling over €17m went into expanding the desperately needed capacities at the Bonn Rhine terminal for handling the current market demands.

Since 2015: multimodal Trier terminal

The terminal in Trier offers container transport by barge on the Mosel. Together with Theo Steil GmbH, Am Zehnhoff-Söns Multimodal Terminal Trier GmbH operates on container services like transshipments and trucking, inland shipping, container repairs, rail transshipments, stuffing and stripping, and a comprehensive door to door service. The agenda for conventional services includes bulk and part load transshipments, project cargo, and outdoor storage. Smooth operations are guaranteed by the 420 metre long quay, two cranes with a max capacity of 50 tonnes, and 50,000 m² of storage and transshipment area. The region will be linked to the new scheduled container service in January 2015, providing an additional boost to container transactions on the Mosel. Meanwhile a weekly block train service between Rotterdam and the multimodal terminal Trier is set. The Moselexpress starts in Rotterdam every Tuesday connecting Europe’s biggest container port and the Mosel area overnight.

Visit the terminal in Trier: www.azs-trier.de
Visit the moselexpress: www.azs-moselexpress.de

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